After School’s Kahi Got Cussed out by Netizens for Going to the Beach During Coronavirus Outbreak

“I feel like my heart is breaking…” – Kahi

After School‘s Kahi recently expressed the pain she’s been going through in an Instagram post following the controversy surrounding her trip to the beach with her children in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to all of the hate comments she received for the post, Kahi posted a photo expressing just how difficult it’s been for her.

I can’t believe they used a photo of me and my children for an article… Sigh… I feel like my heart is breaking… I’m going crazy here…

– Kahi

Fans replied to this post with comments such as “Kahi, maybe it’s best that you don’t upload anything right now“, “When other people upload posts, they ask for the photo to not be used for articles, and it seems to work“, and “Kahi… please cheer up. I feel upset seeing this unfold”.

Ahead of this post, Kahi shared photos of herself with her children on the beach in Bali during the coronavirus outbreak all over the world.

And when netizens attacked her for it, Kahi worsened the situation with her response.

People are saying I’m using my children as an excuse to go to the beach and saying that that’s inappropriate given the current times. I feel like people are turning me into someone without any common sense.

– Kahi

Although Kahi deleted the post shortly after, the news had already spread all over the internet, which evidently put her through hardship.

Korea’s COVID-19 numbers currently stand at just above 9000 cases, but the country has been receiving praise from all over the world for how well they’ve handled the pandemic.

Here’s hoping everyone takes the matter seriously and try to stay at home as much as possible to flatten the curve.

Source: Insight