Former After School’s Lizzy Under Fire For Allegedly Accusing WJSN’s CHOCOME Unit Of Copying Orange Caramel

She was quick to delete the post.

Former Orange Caramel and After School‘s Lizzy took to her personal Instagram on 8 October 2020 to speak out against WJSN CHOCOME‘s music video and concept for “Hmph!” their unit debut single.

In an Instagram story that has since been deleted, she shared screenshots of the music video from WJSN CHOCOME, along with the following caption.

I hope that WJSN will go beyond what OC has! #Hmph! hwaiting! But there’s some overlapping things with Orange Caramel, including the music video concept. “Aing~”, “Abing abing”, “Magic Girl”, “Catallena” hmph hmph~ Raina, Nana and Lizzy are the best.

— Lizzy

| @luvlyzzy on Instagram via FM Korea

An innocent fan of WJSN even commented on her Instagram post, thanking the veteran idol for her support. Lizzy personally replied to the fan, however, another netizen pointed out that it was likely Lizzy was being sarcastic in her compliments for her juniors.

@luvlyzzy on Instagram via FM Korea

Given that Orange Caramel was well-known and loved for their wacky concepts and get-ups, Lizzy may have felt slighted at the similarities. Although her original post has been removed, Lizzy stepped up to clarify when a fan criticized her for her sarcasm.

You’re so impressive for telling WJSN “thanx!! Fighting”!! I hope you will continue to support WJSN in the future. You won’t delete my comment this time right??

— Netizen

| @luvlyzzy/ Instagram

Me? I didn’t delete that. I was sincere when I said “thank you and fighting”, and I think the comment got deleted because the OP deleted their comment!

— Lizzy

Here is one of Orange Caramel’s most famous music videos, “Catallena” for you to judge for yourself.

Neither Lizzy’s agency nor WJSN’s side has stepped up to address the issue yet. Lizzy is currently active as an actress, under her real name, Park Sooyoung. WJSN’s CHOCOME unit released “Hmph!” on 7 October 2020. Check it out below!

Source: FM Korea

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