Raina Hints At Comeback And Reveals Insecurities About Life After Being A K-Pop Star

This is the side of Raina nobody has ever seen before.

In a preview of MBN‘s new program Miss Back, a former member of popular idol groups After School and Orange Caramel, Raina is featured.

The show Miss Back is about eight former female idol group members attempting to achieve their dreams one more time.

Fans were ecstatic to hear the hints about Raina‘s potential solo comeback. Fans were also surprised at Raina’s completely different lifestyle at home sitting in front of the computer playing video games using slang only gamers know. Nobody could guess that she was once a member of the two most famous idol groups in K-Pop.

The preview featured Raina trying to pull herself together by telling herself to get better. Raina was seen telling herself, “It’s hard to face reality, so I just want to forget about it as fast as I can…

Fans who have been waiting tirelessly for her return were relieved when Raina said, “I’ll get back on my feet, and I’ll try my best so I can go back to being Raina.” The statement also worried fans as it implies something had happened to her that she’s having trouble getting over. It’s even more shocking when she mentions, “I feel like I’ve become a useless person in this society.”

These statements are shocking as Raina was the lead singer in idol groups After School and Orange Caramel, both of which were highly successful with famous members like Nana (After School and Orange Caramel), Uee (After School), and Kahi (After School).

We hope to see Raina’s comeback very soon. Be sure to watch Miss Back to catch Raina on October 8!