After School’s Raina And Han Dong Geun Leave Pledis Entertainment

They were artists in Pledis Entertainment for many years.

After School‘s Raina and ballad artist Han Dong Geun have decided not to renew their contract with Pledis Entertainment.

Raina’s contract expired today, December 27, 2019. After a long discussion with Pledis Entertainment, they agreed to not renew her contract.

Raina debuted as a vocalist in After School in 2009. She was active as a member in After School’s sub-units A.S. Blue and Orange Caramel.

Aside from Raina, ballad artist Han Dong Geun also had a careful discussion with Pledis Entertainment regarding his contract. They revealed on the 20th that he had decided to not renew it.

Han Dong Geun signed an exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment in 2013 and made his debut the following year. He has officially signed a new contract with Brand New Music, which houses artists such as AB6IX, MXM, Verbal Jint, and San E.

Source: Naver, Naver and Naver