Former After School’s Nana Under Fire For Her Overly Long Acceptance Speech

She was compared to other actors.

Former After School‘s Nana, who recently won an acting award under KBS‘s drama awards, came under fire from online communities given what they claim to be an overly long acceptance speech.

As running times for the speeches were released, it was found that Nana gave her speech for a total of 5 minutes and 20 seconds. This was compared to senior actors such as veteran Jo Yeo Jung who spoke for a little over a minute, or Jo Bo Ah who only spoke for 40 seconds.

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As she came under fire for “lack of consideration“, Nana soon posted about the incident on her social media.

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She uploaded a photo of her award with the caption, “this precious award that I didn’t know when I’d receive. All I intended for was to convey my gratitude without leaving a thing out. Was a simple and cool speech what people hoped for in an acceptance speech? I’m not someone who speaks well so. I can’t believe I have to be mindful of what others’ think about how long I give my speech for, on such a good day, while receiving such an important award. It feels weird. I hope there will be more people that can congratulate others if something good happens.

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Unfortunately, that only served to anger more people.

  • “If a junior that’s way younger than yourself gives a speech for 6 minutes such that you only can speak for a minute, wouldn’t you be super pissed off? And does it make sense that she ate up 6 minutes due to her stammering that you didn’t even know what she was saying?”
  • “Honestly i think she should’ve been considerate. If you listen to her speech, she was stammering a lot and suddenly she asked if it was getting long and just smiled for like 5 seconds. I hope she could just consolidate her thoughts for the speech before saying it.”
  • “I’m more shocked that Nana and Jo Yeojung won a co-award”
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Nana’s agency has not spoken up on the matter. Her speech can be watched below.

Source: pann