Agencies respond to news of IU and Chang Ki Ha’s relationship

Following the breaking news by Dispatch regarding IU‘s newly found relationship with musician Chang Ki Ha, agencies of the artists have released initial statements.

Both of their agencies has given generation responses, saying, “This is a matter that needs to be checked.”

Just hours ago, Dispatch broke the news that IU has been dating soloist Chang Ki Ha, a man 11-years her senior, since March 2015 with the couple going back and forth to meet each other when there was no schedules to fulfill. In some cases, IU in particular would meet him at his apartment in Mapo soon after a schedule if time permitted.

Chang Ki Ha’s agency, DRDRamc, released a statement saying, “We don’t know anything about that. We need to verify this information.”

LOEN Tree, agency of IU, officials stated, “The first time we’ve heard of this is from the article. A confirmation is required.”

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Source: Sports Donga