“Agency” Actress Lee Bo Young Gushes About Her Husband Ji Sung In Latest Interview

“It’s my oppa…”

Actress Lee Bo Young proved herself to be a romantic in her latest interview.

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Recently, Lee Bo Young met with media outlet Wikitree for an interview, where she spoke about her husband, actor Ji Sung.

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Lee Bo Young, who is considered one of Korea’s best actresses, spoke about her character, Ko Ah In, who breaks the “glass ceiling” to become her firm’s first woman executive. “Glass ceiling” alludes to a barrier to advancement in a person’s career. The phrase is most often attributed to the struggles women and other minorities face in the workplace. When asked if she could relate to her character, the actress spoke carefully.

I’m very careful about how to answer this. From the beginning, I asked that his drama stay away from gender issues. The writer is also a male. We wanted this drama to rather focus on the growth of Ko Ah In. In the drama, we don’t use the phrase ‘glass ceiling.’ Although when I was younger, I did feel frustrated that people didn’t listen to or respect my words.

When asked which of her drama she had the most fun filming, the actress answered it was the 2012 drama Man From The Equator. The actress remembered the drama fondly, stating that it was the first time she felt respected.

While filming the drama, I communicated with the director a lot, which was fun, and it made me happy. It was the first time I felt respected. I liked it (the drama) because it was the first time I felt someone was really listening to what I had to say.

— Lee Bo Young

When asked if she had a life mentor, Lee Bo Young responded that it was none other than her life partner and husband, actor Ji Sung.

It is my oppa. He’s the person I go to most for advice. I feel like he’s my closest friend. Because he is in the same profession, he understands without me having to explain at length, and I am grateful for that.

— Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young is fresh off her triumphant return to K-Drama audiences with JTBC’s Agency. The story of a career woman breaking the glass ceiling resonated with fans as the drama reached viewership ratings of 16%. Lee Bo Young married highly-esteemed actor Ji Sung in 2013. The couple have two children together.

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