“AGUSTD2” Trends #1 Worldwide On Twitter To Celebrate BTS Suga’s New Mixtape

Agust D, the King of 2020.

BTS‘s Suga dropped his new mixtape, “D-2”, under his other identity – Agust D! And within just a few hours, he soared to the top to the world as one of the most discussed names on Twitter!

“AGUSTD2” is trending worldwide on Twitter, gaining millions of tweets from fans and netizens from all over the world!

His music video dropped with some of the most iconic scenes (some featuring his BTS brothers) as Agust D lays down his truth with its lyrics.

And needless to say, the Twitter world don’t know what to do with all of this 2020 version of sexy-yet-thrilling Agust D!

Finally some good news we desperately needed to this turn of the decade. 2020 will be renamed the year of AGUSTD2!

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