Ahgases Urge GOT7 BamBam’s Company To Take Action Against Malicious Comments Following Controversial Posts

He has continued to receive criticism.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

Recently, GOT7‘s BamBam received criticism for an Instagram post.

GOT7’s BamBam | @bambam1a/Instagram

BamBam shared multiple pictures from the 2018 GOT7 World Tour in a now-deleted Instagram post. He captioned it “old days 2017-2019,” reminiscing on memories of traveling with his group.

BamBam in a picture from his reuploaded post. | @bambam1a/Instagram

The post was meant to be a fond throwback, yet many netizens took offense to the post as BamBam included photos from GOT7’s time in Russia.

GOT7’s 2018 world tour poster shows Moscow, Russia, as one of many tour stops

The comment section was filled with netizens calling out BamBam for his inclusion of Russia.

They felt that the post was made in poor taste, given Russia’s current large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since the invasion started on February 24, 2022, there have been significant casualties, and many Ukrainian citizens have sought refuge in other countries. Considering the current political situation, many netizens commented their criticism on the post, feeling that BamBam’s inclusion of Russia in his fond reminiscing of the past was too insensitive.

K-Pop fans also urged BamBam to apologize, trending the topic on Twitter.

Upon receiving the criticism, BamBam deleted the post. He later reuploaded most pictures but excluded the ones taken in Russia.

He originally captioned the new post, “happy now?” He has since updated it to “old days.”

Additionally, BamBam took to Twitter to issue an apology. Although in the same tweet, he asked if it was right to bully him for a post when many of the photos were from other countries and not focused on one.

He later added that he doesn’t feel like he can “even think about [his] old memories now” because of the backlash and criticism.

Since BamBam’s updates and reupload, many positive comments towards him have been made.

Comment on BamBam’s new post. | @bambam1a/Instagram

Comment on BamBam’s new post. | @bambam1a/Instagram

Still, BamBam’s response to the previous criticism was also met with backlash. Netizens who were offended by his original post didn’t think he gave a sincere apology.

Using his words, Ukrainian netizens responded to his last tweet with photos of destruction in their country.

So, the response has been vastly divided. Many netizens hold the same position as before that BamBam displayed insensitivity considering the current situation.

Some have even attempted to contact UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), which has supported Ukraine during this difficult time, reminding that BamBam is a Child Protector Representative.

Other netizens have gone so far as to even edit the original photos of BamBam in Russia with current photos showing the destruction of recent events.

Others feel that BamBam’s apology was more than okay. Some even praised him for his authenticity.

K-Pop fans pointed out the hypocrisy of others criticizing BamBam when different idols do the same not only in Russia but in other controversial countries.

Since the continuation of backlash and criticism towards BamBam, Ahgases are urging his company, ABYSS Company, to stand up for its artist and take action against malicious posts.

At this time, ABYSS Company has not responded.

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