Netizens Can’t Get Over The Resemblance Between GOT7’s Yugyeom And Actor Lee Dong Wook

We can’t unsee it!

Ahgases are eagerly anticipating GOT7‘s comeback, which is just a couple of days away now!

From left: Jay B, Jinyoung, BamBam, Mark Tuan, Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, and Youngjae of GOT7. | @GOT7/Twitter

Leading up to the group’s comeback, GOT7 have been releasing concept photos, teasers, and more, only raising our anticipation more.

Through it, we’ve got a first look at each member’s new looks for the comeback, including maknae Yugyeom‘s.

Yugyeom | @GOT7/Twitter

Yugyeom sure is not giving maknae this comeback. Instead, he looks mature and very handsome with his long locks.

Yugyeom | GOT7/Twitter

Many are even saying that his new look resembles another famous Korean superstar…

Since NAVER NOW. released a preview for comeback show Come and get it, GOT7!, netizens have been saying that Yugyeom looks like Korean actor Lee Dong Wook.

The actor is known especially for his unique but handsome look, including sharp features and long dark hairstyles.

Lee Dong Wook
Lee Dong Wook

Some even see the resemblance in GOT7’s new concept photos.

Likewise, another netizen saw the resemblance in GOT7’s W Korea feature.

Now, we can’t unsee it!

So, Ahgases are wondering if perhaps the members agree that Yugyeom resembles the actor.

Either way, we can’t help but imagine Yugyeom appearing in a K-Drama alongside Lee Dong Wook now!


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