Ahgases Are Noticing A GOT7 Reference In Jinyoung’s K-Drama “The Devil Judge,” And We Can’t Get Over It

Did you notice this reference to GOT7’s fandom?

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If you can’t get enough of Studio Dragon and tvN‘s K-Drama The Devil Judge…Well, neither can we, especially since it stars GOT7‘s Jinyoung!

GOT7’s Jinyoung in “The Devil Judge” | tvN

In the series, Jinyoung stars as associate judge Kim Ga On alongside actor Ji Sung in a dystopian Korea where the nation participates in a live broadcast courtroom show.

GOT7’s Jinyoung (left) and Actor Ji Sung (right) on “The Devil Judge” poster | tvN

Ji Sung has only had positive things to say about his costar. Yet, he’s not the only one, of course. GOT7’s fandom, Ahgases, have been showing their love and support to Jinyoung by being dedicated viewers of the K-Drama. Now, it seems that the feeling is quite mutual between Jinyoung and Ahgases, as it turns out he might have inserted a reference to them in the K-Drama.

| tvN

In episodes three and four, we see Jinyoung shirtless… Don’t worry; we won’t give away too much context for those not caught up in the series! But, we see that he has a tattoo of a bird on his back during some moments. GOT7’s fandom is referred to as iGOT7 and Ahgases, which translates to “baby birds.” Thus, birds are often a symbol associated with GOT7 and their fandom. It also appeared that the tattoo was tinted green, which along with white, is GOT7’s official color.

| @bbamluvr/Twitter & tvN

After seeing Jinyoung’s character’s tattoo, Ahgases are freaking out (rightfully so). Even in their solo ventures, GOT7’s members never fail to remind people of their love for the group and their fandom.

Similarly, Youngjae inserted several references to GOT7 in his new Netflix and tvN Korean sitcom So Not Worth It. The series not only mentions Mark Tuan‘s “Mark Meal,” but Youngjae also revealed in a tweet that he purposefully asked for birds to be included in the decore for his character Sam’s room. So, when you watch the series, you will see figurines and plushes of birds throughout his room, including on his bed and desk.

Actors Shin Hyun Seung (left) and Han Hyun Min (right) in “So Not Worth It” | So Not Worth It/Netflix

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