Ahn Bo Hyun Reveals Why He Worked In A Construction Site Even After Appearing In “Descendants of the Sun”

Here’s why he did it.

Rising actor Ahn Bo Hyun revealed he was working part-time in a construction even after appearing in the hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

Ahn Bo Hyun guested on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros alongside Park Han Na and Lee Hak Joo, and shared his story about how during his early days, he struggled with living expenses during the earlier days of his acting career.

I once worked at a construction site to make a living while pursuing my acting career. In my rookie years, I worked at various part time jobs such as in gas stations, food courts, and one-day jobs because getting living expenses was difficult.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

Once he appeared in Descendants of the Sun as Alpha Team member Piccolo, he still continued to work at the construction site.

Even after I appeared on the hit drama Descendants of the Sun, I worked at the construction site. At that time, my friends in Busan thought I was like Song Joong Ki status.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun made his debut in 2014 in KBS drama Golden Cross, but failed to receive much public spotlight until his role as Piccolo in Descendants of the Sun. Even then, he did not receive much spotlight until his role as Jang Geun Won in another hit drama, Itaewon Class. He is currently preparing for his new drama, Kairos.

Source: Ilgan Sports
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