Netizens Demand Ahn Jae Hyun Be Edited And Kicked Out Of “New Journey To The West” Series

They flooded the comments demanding his removal.

Actor Ahn Jae Hyun has been a member of the New Journey To The West variety show series since 2016. He was well-received as a handsome romanticist who had a cute-yet-crazy side to himself.


However, as recent news of his controversial divorce included accusations of him contacting other women while drunk, partying with other women during his birthday, and more, many netizens began demanding that he leave the show.

They flooded the New Journey To The West 6‘s forum with demands that he be edited out from the show and be kicked out from future seasons.

Netizens posts claiming, “Request for Ahn Jae Hyun’s removal.”


The program’s producers have yet to make a statement about the netizens’ requests.

Source: YTN

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