Ahn Jae Hyun’s Past Comment On Female Breasts Resurfaces, After Goo Hye Sun’s Statement

He had specific preferences when it came to female breasts.

Shortly after Goo Hye Sun revealed the shocking details about Ahn Jae Hyun‘s comment on her nipples, Ahn Jae Hyun’s previous appearance on the show Witch Hunt resurfaced among Korean netizens – for his “preference” on female breasts.


The show was created to be raw and racy, where hosts and guests freely discussed sex and relationships, and so Ahn Jae Hyun fully embraced the openness while he was on the set back in October 2014.


While discussing the features that he finds charming on a female body, Ahn Jae Hyun commented that he is most attracted to breasts.

Sung Si Kyung: What are you attracted to on a female body?
Ahn Jae Hyun: Wouldn’t it be the breasts…?


When the hosts urged Ahn Jae Hyun to explain further about his choice, Ahn Jae Hyun specifically pointed out that he prefers larger sizes too.

The bigger, the better. I’m attracted to the “glamorous” (big-breasted) women.

— Ahn Jae Hyun


Even though Ahn Jae Hyun was not married to Goo Hye Sun at the time of his appearance on Witch Hunt, Korean netizens are linking this comment on his female body “preference” to Goo Hye Sun’s recent exposé claiming that he belittled her nipples for being “not sexy”.

Goo Hye Sun Reveals Shocking Details In Response To Ahn Jae Hyun’s Statement About Their Divorce

Oh… so this is how important boobs were to him. Sexy boobs.

— YouTube Comment


Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun continue to expose each other and battle away over the divorce. Fans remain shocked and heartbroken by the messy end to this couple’s once-beautiful marriage.


Watch the full clip here:

Goo Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun's Divorce