Ahn Seo Hyun Suggests She Was Unfairly Replaced by Kim Sae Ron by “School 2020” Producers

Whoever gets the lead will act alongside X1’s Kim Yohan.

A controversy has been sparked over the leading female role of the upcoming drama, School 2020, for which X1‘s Kim Yohan has been cast as the lead male.


Actress Kim Sae Ron recently shared that she received an offer for the leading role in School 2020, but fans are confused because actress Ahn Seo Hyun announced last September that she was being considered for the role.

Last month, Ahn Seo Hyun took to her Instagram account to share, “I’ve been waiting for School 2020’s response for 300 days.

And one week prior, she even posted a photo of herself with Kim Yohan as well as the producers of the show.

But Ahn Seo Hyun later took down the post and left suspicious remarks on her Instagram.

Ahn Seo Hyun posted, “If there’s depth to trust, I deep should my trust be?“, and when a fan left a comment cheering her on, she responded, “Why don’t adults keep their promises?

Furthermore, Ahn Seo Hyun posted another photo with the caption, “I hope the new school heals me” to which a fan responded with “You must be upset that you couldn’t go to the entrance ceremony because of COVID-19“, and Ahn Seo Hyun answered, “There’s something I’m more upset about than COVID-19.

That’s not all. When a fan told her, “Approach School 2020 with the same mindset you approached Okja“, Ahn Seo Hyun commented, “If I can even be in it.

As a result, fans are speculating Ahn Seo Hyun was replaced with Kim Sae Ron for the role, and she’s not happy about it.

But only time will tell which actress will get the role since School 2020 has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: Insight