Ahn Yujin Makes Full Recovery From COVID-19


It was recently announced by Starship Entertainment that Ahn Yujin has made a full recovery from COVID-19. She was previously diagnosed after labelmate Jang Wonyoung was inflicted by the illness.

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment. We are announcing that we have received a COVID-19 negative test result after completing treatment for our artist, Ahn Yujin.

She tested positive on September 4th and following the preventative measures, she was entered into a treatment center and after she had been diagnosed by health officials that she was no longer infected and after receiving a negative test result, her self-quarantine has now been lifted and she was discharged from the center. After her discharge, she is currently resting and we will do our best to continue her schedules while keeping her health as priority.

In the future, we will strictly abide by all preventative measures and promise to do our best to ensure the health and safety of all staff and artists.

— Starship Entertainment

Jang Wonyoung has also previously been announced to have made a complete recovery. Congratulations to the girls.


Source: Star Today