Ahn Yujin Tests Positive For COVID-19

Wishing her a speedy recovery!

Following Jang Wonyoung‘s positive test for COVID-19, fellow labelmate Ahn Yujin has also tested positive. Previously, it was stated that Ahn Yujin would be undergoing self-quarantine despite testing negative at the point in time where Jang Wonyoung had received a positive test.

On September 4, 2021, it was announced by Starship Entertainment that she had received positive test results during her self-quarantine.

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment. Our artist, Ahn Yujin has received a postiive COVID-19 test during her self-quarantine. On August 28, following an external staff’s positive test, she received the PCR test as she had crossed paths with the staff. On the morning of August 29, she received a negative result and has been under self-quarantine, in-keeping with the preventative measures for those that had come in close contact with confirmed cases.

During her quarantine, she tested herself using self-diagnosis tests and as she had been checking her health on September 3, she had symptoms of fever and breathing pains since the morning and after reporting it to the center, she received a PCR test and got a positive test result on the morning of September 4.

She is currently taking the necessary measures as per the preventative rules.

We apologize for worrying many people. We will be doing our best both to keep the preventative rules as well as to help our artist recover as quick as possible

— Starship Entertainment

Ahn Yujin, who is currently receiving lots of support as an Inkigayo MC, will have to put her schedules on hold for the moment. Get well soon!

Source: Chosun