Ailee’s Mother Has Passed Away

May she rest in peace.

Soloist Ailee has revealed her mother has sadly passed away.

In a post made on her personal Instagram account, Ailee shared the news of her mother’s passing to her fans.

Mom… I miss you.. Now I can’t you anymore, but… I trust that you will always be supporting me and protecting me from above… The most beautiful person in the world, my mom… Now you can rest peacefully.. Mom proud daughter will take care of the rest of the family now.

I love you, mom.

Rest In Peace mom… I love you..

— Ailee

While she hasn’t made her family public much during her time as a celebrity, Ailee has often mentioned her mother and the things she says on various broadcasts. She has shared stories on how her mother suggested her to lose some weight in her thighs, which she followed, and also how her mother always would compliment her.

I’m away from my mother, but she gives me a lot of strength with her compliments and encouragement she sends me.

But she also tells me to lose some weight from my thighs.

— Ailee (2015)

Source: Chosun