Ailee Is The Next One To Share Hilarious Reaction To Amber’s Make-Out Scene

You can truly feel Ailee cringe from within.

There seems to be no end to the cringe that Amber Liu‘s friends feel about her kiss scene from her latest MV!

Eric Nam was the first of her friends to share his thoughts on the scene, and Ailee soon followed suit! She uploaded a video of the scene via her Instagram, and filled the caption with all her exact feels.

The caption says:

Amber Liu – Other People

I remember when u showed this scene to me and @realericnam and we just died. [emoji]


The rest of the caption consisted of the same sentence written in Korean, and included the hashtags, #Yourlossifyou’rejealous, #theASSgrabtho, #mybabyallgrowedup and #ourAmberisallgrownup.


Eric Nam responded to the post with two disbelief emojis, to which Ailee’s then reply showed how her initial reaction to the scene…has remained an everlasting one.



Amber soon joined the party herself, and commented


Ailee, in a subsequent comment, laughingly joked about how she almost dropped spaghetti sauce on herself when she saw the kiss scene, and declared that Amber now has cooties.




Fans have been loving the scene, but her best friends? Not so much!


What do you think of Ailee’s reaction to Amber’s steamy kiss scene?