Ailee Is Turning Everyone Upside Down With Her Killer New Bop “Room Shaker”

All rooms have been shaken, period.

Ailee is back and better than ever. While she has always been the queen of the “girl crush” concept popular in K-Pop, Ailee stepped up her own game with her brand new bop “Room Shaker” and fans are shook for sure.


In her music video, Ailee is slaying all kinds of fierce looks. From neon pink suits to flashy Fendi goodness, she is dropping jaws with not only her unparalleled vocal power but also her gorgeous visual.


Ailee fans are thrilled to see this queen return to the K-Pop scene. In the past, Ailee has fought some tough battles with weight loss and netizen criticism for “being overweight” in their standards.


With this new album, however, Ailee is looking her most gorgeous yet and silencing all the haters with her talent, beauty, and the most badass vibe that is driving her fans insanely in love!


Ailee’s fans are most fascinated by how powerful her voice is. After hearing the new song, they’ve realized there is no one else in K-Pop who does it like Ailee.

I understand why she was not put in a girl group; she’s the girl group herself.

— YouTube ID monfetus

People : one single person can’t sing, dance, rap simultaneously
Ailee : hold my tea

— YouTube ID Random Viewer

She is slaying omg … she is shaking the whole world.

— YouTube ID Queen #87


And with her return to take the throne as K-Pop’s strongest female vocalist, Ailee’s fans anticipate more active promotions on TV programs and music shows from her!

Check out her fresh bop that will make you want to get up and dance: