Korean Air confirms ticketing mistake regarding Bobby Kim’s seating

Korean singer Bobby Kim is currently in the middle of a controversy after it was reported he had harassed an air flight attendant on Korean Air on his way to America.

According to a personnel on site, Bobby Kim had been upset after having upgraded his seat from economy to business, unfortunately, the upgrade process  had not been completed.

Korean Air told local media in a recent interview, “There was a mistake in ticketing as Bobby Kim claimed. He used mileage points to purchase business seats, but due to a fault of our employee he was assigned an economy seat. However, Bobby Kim got on the flight knowing this, and policy dictates that it’s not possible to switch seats on the plane. If he wanted to resolve a problem,he should have done that before getting on the flight. We have not received witness reports from employees that were at the scene. As Bobby Kim was questioned by the local police, we are waiting fro the results from them.”

Bobby Kim has apologized for his actions, and was quoted saying,“I was disgruntled when the ticket was wrongly assigned. I requested for a change in seats, but they refused to even when there were seats left in the business class. I failed to control my emotions after drinking wine. I am deeply apologetic. No matter why it happened, the truth is there was damage caused to others on the flight and that is my fault. I am deeply shamed at my actions and would like to personally apologize to the attendant. I will kneel and plead for forgiveness if I must.”

Source: Daily Sports