AirBnB Is Whipped For BTS, But Especially For Their Bias, V

AirBnB’s Twitter admin is ready to risk it all for their ultimate bias.

Yesterday, Ticketmaster outed themselves as a hardcore BTS stan, and now AirBnB is following in their footsteps!

It all started with In the SOOP, BTS’s new nature-reality show. Each 60-minute episode follows the members as they do their own planned activities while vacationing at a private lake house.

The lake house, located in Gangwon-do Chuncheon, is the ultimate getaway for nature lovers. This also happens to be an AirBnB, so the official AirBnB Twitter account just had to mention it.

| AirBnB/
| AirBnB/

Since AirBnB is now part of the BTS Universe, there’s no point in suppressing their fangirly love anymore.

In fact, AirBnB’s inner stan is taking over as admin!

Like a true ARMY, AirBnB loves all seven members, but they are ready to risk it all for V.

| Chilsung Cider/Instagram

“In this AirBnB we simp for BTS,” they wrote. “but especially Taehyung.” 

AirBnB has joined the fandom, but when it comes to business they’re all, well, business. Don’t expect a discount any time soon!

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