Airports Are Tweeting About BTS, And ARMYs Wonder What It Means

ARMYs have some theories…

The latest inductees to the BTS ARMY are… airports?

Both DFW Airport (also known as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) and Orlando International Airport suddenly started tweeting BTS references this week. Orlando International Airport quoted RM‘s “moonchild” while DFW Airport quoted BTS’s “Butter.”

Likewise, George Bush Intercontinental Airport also made a reference to “Butter.”

Meanwhile, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport quoted “Dynamite.”

San Francisco International Airport threw it back with “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.”

Washington Dulles International Airport (also referred to as Dulles International Airport, Dulles Airport, Washington Dulles, or Dulles) recently tweeted a post dedicated to BTS and ARMY.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport just joined the “trend,” quoting “Life Goes On.”

It’s not the first time the Atlanta Airport proved to be ARMY!

Tulsa International Airport is the most recent to join in on this new trend. It too quoted “Dynamite.”

The tweets have even attracted the attention of fellow airports such as O’Hare International AirportSeattle-Tacoma Intl. AirportJohn Glenn International AirportSydney Airport (also known as Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport), and Harry Reid International Airport. Now, all the airports are replying to each other, bonding over a mutual love for BTS.

John F. Kennedy International Airport also wanted to remind everyone that it has long been ARMY!

Likewise, the airports are also responding to fan accounts, further cementing their ARMY status.

Orlando International Airport really went the extra mile!

Orlando International Airport also totally proved its bias.

Do you think the social media manager likes RM?

Still, ARMYs can’t help but be suspicious with so many airports suddenly tweeting about BTS. What is really going on here?

We’re confused.

So, ARMYs are wondering if this is all hint of something more to come. Might there be a BTS 2022 World Tour following their successful PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in Las Vegas, Seoul, and Los Angeles? HYBE labelmates TXT just announced theirs.

At this time, there is no confirmation…

Another theory is that BTS might release “Airplane Pt. 3.” It might be a stretch, but who knows?

So, we will just keep waiting and hoping for more updates soon.

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