TXT Announces 2022 World Tour, And MOAs Are Freaking Out

TXT will finally have their first official world tour!

After much anticipation, TXT finally announced their 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT : LOVE SICK.

From left: Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Yeonjun, and Soobin of TXT. | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

The world tour is set for July, beginning in Seoul, South Korea. The TXT members will then travel to the United States for seven shows, including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Previously, HYBE announced that TXT was in preparations for a world tour. Now, the promise has been kept!

Leading with Justin Bieber whose concert tour started on February 18 with a total of 105 shows in 28 countries until March 2023, other HYBE artists are planning in-person events, proactively adopting hybrid formats, combining online and in-person performance. It’s likely to boost profits and have facilitated communication with more fans. Especially TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN will hold their first-ever in-person concert since their debut to connect with more fans.


TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Naturally, MOAs are freaking out. And we can’t blame them because we totally are too!

We’re all hoping to hear our favorite songs live…

Of course, everyone is worried about getting tickets, especially considering the competition will be stiff with few tour dates.

Still, there are also other international MOAs who are hoping to see more dates added for other countries.

Nevertheless, all MOAs are very excited for TXT as it’s their first proper world tour. And, it will be shortly after promotions end for their fourth mini-album, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child.

At this time, BIGHIT MUSIC‘s website lists the tour dates as “Coming Soon.” More updates to come.

Source: Weverse

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