Former Member Of Japanese Girl Group AKB48 Caught Having An Affair And Threatens Suicide

A fight between her and her husband was recorded.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Mariko Shinoda, a former member of the popular Japanese girl group AKB48, has been caught cheating on her husband of three years.

Mariko Shinoda with her family | @marikoshinoda_official/Youtube

According to reports, she was caught having an affair with a businessman in his 30s. Her husband fought with her over the affair and recorded the fight. This recording was obtained and published by Japan’s Weekly Shinjo.

In the recording, she admits to the affair and apologizes to her husband.

Mariko Shinoda: It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.
Husband: There’s nothing you can do now. You’re the one who broke this family in an instant.

The recording also included her threatening her husband by saying, “I will jump off the veranda.” Even after the recording was released, Mariko Shinoda declined to comment. Her husband and affair partner also refused to respond by saying they were in a dispute and could not reveal details or answer private matters.

Mariko Shinoda and her husband | @shinodamariko3/Instagram

It was also reported that she had been fighting over parental rights to her two-year-old daughter after starting separation from her husband, and that her husband filed a lawsuit seeking alimony from her affair.

Mariko Shinoda and her daughter | @shinodamariko3/Instagram

Mariko Shinoda was known as the “queen” as a member of AKB48 for her outstanding figure and lovely charm. She graduated from the group in 2013 and started acting. She married her husband in 2019, but is currently facing a crisis due to her affair scandal.

Source: spotvnews
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