AKB48 Member Tests Positive For COVID-19

She made physical contact with a fellow member.

According to AKB48‘s official blog, member, Kayoko Takita (23) has just tested positive for COVID-19 on July 19.

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Just 10 days earlier on the 9th, Kayoko Takita reportedly had a fever, which is one of the most common symptoms of the virus.

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The agency explained that although her temperature went up to 99 degrees, she recovered to a normal temperature a day later, so she simply practiced social distancing measures.

But following addition symptoms including dulled senses in taste and smell, Kayoko Takita got tested for COVID-19 on the 18th and received her positive test results on the following day.

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The agency stressed that Kayoko Takita did not participate in any outside activities since April.

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However, Kayoko Takita did make contact with Makiho Tatsuya on the 2nd, and although she shows no symptoms, the agency expressed that she will be getting tested.

As for the other members and staff, due to the belief that they had no contact with Kayoko Takita, the other members’ activities will proceed as originally planned.

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AKB48 is a popular Japanese idol group consisting of 107 active members.

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