AKMU’s Chanhyuk Recalls Crying In His Room Over His Ex-Girlfriend While Writing “LAST GOODBYE”

Suhyun heard him from outside the door.

AKMU recently made an appearance on the YouTube channel, MMTG where they revealed behind-the-scenes stories of the famous songs they wrote in the past.

In particular, AKMU’s 2017 song, “LAST GOODBYE” was written by Chanhyuk about his past breakup with a girlfriend.

| AKMU/YouTube

And it was revealed that Chanhyuk was crying in his room over his ex-girlfriend as he wrote this song, which his sister, Suhyun witnessed herself before sharing it with the public.

He was sniffling in his room while thinking about his beloved ex-girlfriend. I witnessed it myself. I heard him crying on my way to the washroom.

— Suhyun

But Suhyun expressed that she felt bad when she shared the story with the public for the first time because she never asked Chanhyuk for permission.

I told that story without his permission, so I feel bad.

— Suhyun

In response, Chanhyuk recalled the experience and expressed his worry that fans might find the song undesirable after hearing the story.

This is my personal life, so I’m worried people will hear this story and go, ‘Ew… that’s gross.’

— Chanhyuk

In his opinion, that’s the downside of being in a duo with his sister whom he lives with.

Since we live together, she knows the whole process of songwriting. I think that’s the downside of being siblings.

— Chanhyuk

Check out the full revelation below:

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