AKMU’s Suhyun Attends Her Brother Chanhyuk’s Exhibition And Is “Angered By It All”

True sibling energy.

AKMU‘s Lee Chanhyuk is currently hosting an exhibition called Lee Chanhyuk’s Place Of Inspiration (direct translation). The exhibition is light-hearted and comedic, mostly featuring his face.

You can find “him” meditating in a corner…

Lee Chanhyuk’s exhibition. | @baptist_october/Twitter

…and on paper cups.

Lee Chanhyuk’s exhibition. | @baptist_october/Twitter

There’s also countless frames of him on the wall.

Lee Chanhyuk’s exhibition. | @baptist_october/Twitter

Mockups of him on newspapers are also available for peruse.

Lee Chanhyuk’s exhibition. | @baptist_october/Twitter

While many people went to visit the exhibition, the one visitor who walked away the most displeased was none other than his sister, Lee Suhyun.

| @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

A review of Lee Chanhyuk’s Place Of Inspiration. There were many people. There were lines for each photo spot. Everyone was standing in front of photos of Lee Chanhyuk for a long time, seriously admiring them… Everywhere I turn, it’s Lee Chanhyuk. I’m just so angry at every one of these situations.

β€” Suhyun

As his sister, we can totally relate to her reaction. We’d hate to see our brother’s photos everywhere we turn! She also hilarious complained about “the [lack of]Β portraiture rights” after noticing that her photos were included in the exhibition.

| @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

Everyone was seriously contemplating his photos, further annoying her.

“Why is everyone so serious?” | @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

The final nail in the coffin? Chanhyuk had included a dartboard with her photo on it as part of the exhibition. There was a dart in her head that she had a particular issue with.

“Who pinned it to my head?” | @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

The most relatable celebrity siblings ever!