AKMU’s Chanhyuk Hints At Potential Plans To Start His Own Agency And Sign Lee Hi

“He’s been talking about this for 2 years now.” – Lee Hi

Lee Hi recently uploaded a new vlog to her YouTube channel where AKMU‘s Chanhyuk hinted at his future plans regarding his music career.

In the video, Lee Hi and Chanhyuk chatted about JTBC‘s Begin Again, and Chanhyuk even expressed his interest in which agency Lee Hi will be joining following her departure from YG.

Following the expiration of her contract with YG last year, Lee Hi has been working without an agency.


In response, Lee Hi asked, “Which agency do you think I should go to?

And that’s when Chanhyuk hinted at wanting to start his own agency after YG and signing Lee Hi.

I want you to wait a little longer until I start my own agency. I want you to join me.

– Chanhyuk

Lee Hi then made fans even more curious by adding,

He’s been talking about this for 2 years now. You always have these dreams, but it’s through me.

– Lee Hi

Regarding Lee Hi’s career in music, Chanhyuk even expressed,

What I want for you is musical freedom.

– Chanhyuk

Could this mean Chanhyuk will start his own agency following his contract with YG?

Only time will tell.

Chanhyuk’s current contract with YG is set to expire in April 2021.

Check out Lee Hi’s full vlog below:

Source: Insight