AKMU Chanhyuk Reveals Exactly How Much Money He Makes

Chanhyuk was humble while revealing how much money he has made thanks to royalties from all of Akdong Musician‘s songs.

Akdong Musician appeared as guests on a recent broadcast of MBC‘s Radio Star and Chanhyuk was asked about how much money he makes as a singer-songwriter. The MCs revealed that Lee Chanhyuk has 39 songs registered under his name and another 100 songs that have been written but not released. Lee Chanhyuk also mentioned that he writes one song per week.

MC Kim Gura mentioned “Aren’t you like a young chaebol then?” joking that the amount Chanhyuk would receive from royalties would be very high. Guest Yang Hee Kyung joined in, saying, “If you make that much, does YG take any of it?” but Chanhyuk reassured the set, saying that all royalties belong to the songwriter.

Chanhyuk seemed reluctant to answer persistent questions about how much those royalties were, but his sister Soohyun said,

“In my eyes, he makes a lot”

— AKMU Soohyun

MCs Kyuhyun, Kim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin all joked around, saying Chanhyuk would make about 100 million won ($90,000) per year. Lee Changhyuk ultimately nodded along to their claims, confirming that he makes roughly 100 million KRW a year off royalties.

The duo previously mentioned on a broadcast that Chanhyuk makes twice as much money as his sister Soohyun thanks to his songwriting royalties.

Watch the segment where Lee Chanhyuk talks about his royalties below.

Source: Dispatch