AKMU’s Chanhyuk Casually Reveals He Has No Money Left After Buying A House

“I used all of it.”

AKMU Lee Chanhyuk‘s recent confession is cracking up netizens.

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On February 22nd, JTBC‘s Long Live Independence finally aired their first episode. Lee Chanhyuk and his sister, Lee Suhyun are fixed guests on this show, and will showcase their newly independent lives after leaving their parents’ home. It was during the first episode that Chanhyuk revealed something quite surprising with the show’s studio.

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Chanhyuk shared with everyone that he had recently acquired a new house in Seoul. The singer revealed that he liked the lighting, as well as the walk-in closet and the balcony the home had. The AKMU member shared that he already knows exactly how he wants to remodel his interior. To this, Kim Heechul shared that he should take things slow, that he shouldn’t have too big of an interior desire that far in advance. Chanhyuk then shockingly revealed that it was too late.

I spent all the money that I had saved up. I typically leave money aside for my daily needs, but I used all of it.

— Lee Chanhyuk

He adorably revealed that he already went shopping for home goods.

I went to the 6th floor (home goods and appliances) of the department store that I usually go to. I’ve never been there (6th floor.) When I got there, it was all ajummas and I was the only one excited to be there.

— Lee Chanhyuk

To this, Kim Heechul hilariously shared, “I’m sad. I should have met Chanhyuk earlier.”

In related news, it was recently revealed that AKMU renewed their contract with YG Entertainment, exciting fans all over. Knowing what the siblings are capable of, we cannot wait to see what their future holds!

Source: Insight