AKMU’s Chanhyuk Says He Can’t Make Original Songs Like “Is It Ramen” Anymore — Here’s Why Not

AKMU was initially famous for their catchy songs like “Is It Ramen”, “Don’t Cross Your Legs”, and “You Are Attractive”.

AKMU‘s Chanhyuk recently revealed his way of writing songs in an episode of JTBC‘s Nice Alone.

Chanhyuk explained that he often does things he likes to do for inspiration, and once something pops up, he immediately picks up his guitar.

He added that songs come to him when he roams about.

If I think of something decent, I build on it right then and there. Now that I live alone, I’m coming up with more free songs. I’m more honest to my feelings.

— Chanhyuk

“Nice Alone” | JTBC

After hearing the song Chanhyuk was writing on his terrace, the panel asked him if he was writing a “Is It Ramen” Part 2.

And he shared why he is no longer able to write original songs like “Is It Ramen”, “Don’t Cross Your Legs”, and “You Are Attractive” from his teenage days.

Back then, I wrote ‘Is It Ramen’ because I was eating ramen, ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’ because I kept crossing my legs, and ‘You Are Attractive’ because they were attractive.

— Chanhyuk

Chanhyuk expressed that he wrote those songs prior to their debut and that those songs were of a kind that could only be written during his younger, less experienced days.

Back then, I wrote songs based on catchy words like that. But now I use a lot of indirect expressions. The feeling back then could only come out in our early debut. There are times when feelings from teenage years are extra touching.

— Chanhyuk

As popular as his old original songs are, Chanhyuk has shown significant development in his songwriting, evident in AKMU’s newest releases.

Here’s wishing him continued growth and inspiration!

Source: Dispatch