AKMU’s Unexpected Reactions To Winning A “Nonsense” Award At The “Circle Chart Music Awards 2023”

Who was more confused: AKMU or netizens?

AKMU have made netizens LOL after being confused AF when receiving a “nonsense” award. On January 10, AKMU attended the Circle Chart Music Awards 2023.

The AKMU siblings

During the event, amidst the expected awards, netizens couldn’t hide their confusion when it was announced that the next category was called the “Busan is Good” award.

It was even funnier when AKMU were announced as the winner of the award. The sibling duo seemed just as confused and unsure how to react as their names were called.

Of course, they eventually started walking to the stage (and netizens loved the interactions with TXT), and it was clear that they were still unsure about what was happening…


Especially when they received the award and were met with someone in a chicken suit. If that wasn’t enough, Chan Hyuk even had to look down at the award to check what it was for.

They even had to try and hold their laughter as they introduced themselves.

As Chan Hyuk introduced the award, the sounds of fans laughing could be heard, and his sister Suhyun had to turn around to hold her laughter.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk even had to help Chan Hyuk as he was struggling to figure out who to thank.

In the end, Suhyun took control, apologized on behalf of her brother, and thanked everyone for the award.

When the speech was shared online, netizens couldn’t get over how much AKMU were trying to hold back their laughter and the fact that even netizens worldwide were confused AF about the award.

Even as they received the equally as confusing “V Coloring” award, the duo didn’t miss a chance to give a shoutout to Busan again.

Netizens agree that the names and purposes of awards are getting weirder, but they love how AKMU weren’t afraid to have some fun and showcase how equally confused they were by the award.

Source: Idolverse