AKMU Officially Renew Contracts With YG Entertainment For 5 More Years

They are staying with YG.

AKMU have officially renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for five more years.

| YG Entertainment

According to YG Entertainment’s official press release, AKMU will be staying with the company for five more years, after joining the agency in 2013 following their victory on the first season of K-Pop Star. Since their debut in 2014, they have been lauded for the compositional talents and their chemistry, which each release topping the Korean charts.

YG Entertainment shared how honored they were when they heard AKMU would decide to renew their contracts.

There is still a side of youth with AKMU, but they are also very thoughtful and have an adult, mature side. It’s true that all of the YG Entertainment executives and employees were deeply moved at the news of AKMU’s long-term contract renewal.

As we have confirmed the mutual trust in each other, we will provide more support for AKMU in the future, and do our best to continue to help them grow.

— YG Entertainment

Both Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun also commented on their contract renewal, with Lee Chanhyuk praising YG Entertainment for their management.

Honestly, it’s harder to find an agency that puts it artists first better than YG. They are a company that has firmly supported us through the directions that we wanted to more forward with, without any push back or disagreements, for the past seven years, and they have led us well.

— Lee Chanhyuk

Lee Suhyun also mentioned how they would only leave YG Entertainment when they retire from the industry.

We have never thought about leaving YG, only when we retire.

— Lee Suhyun

AKMU made their debut in April 2014, meaning their seven-year contracts were set to expire in April 2021.

Source: Newsen