Here’s What AKMU’s Suhyun Thinks About Her Bestie Dating Her Brother Chanhyuk

She didn’t even hesitate.

On a recent broadcast of KBS‘s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza, AKMU‘s Suhyun and Chanhyuk made an appearance where they were given an imaginary scenario.

| Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza/KBS

For laughs, Jung Eunji asked Suhyun how she would feel if her brother, Chanhyuk began dating her best friend.

And Suhyun’s response was beyond honest.

That just can’t happen. I don’t even want to imagine it.

— Chanhyuk

In response to Suhyun’s passionate response, Chanhyuk didn’t have anything to say.

I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut.


Until he was given a similar scenario.

| Radio Star/MBC

Jung Eunji asked Chanhyuk how he would feel if his military superior started dating Suhyun.

| Radio Star/MBC

But he was more open-minded.

I feel like it depends on what kind of person he is.

— Chanhyuk

Fair enough.


Gotta love these two.

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