AKMU’s Suhyun Discusses How Her Brother Chanhyuk Treated Her Differently From IU In The Recording Studio

She couldn’t help but adorably “complain” about her older brother!

AKMU is officially back and their comeback album is filled with some amazing collaborations! The talented sibling duo sat down for a press conference for their album release, where they discussed their collaboration album and all of the behind-the-scenes stories.

AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk (left), Lee Suhyun (right) | YG Entertainment

Suhyun and Chanhyuk‘s comeback album titled, NEXT EPISODE contains 7 tracks that features 7 different amazing artists. Veteran singer Lee Sun HeeIUZion. TBeenzinoJANNABICrush and Sam Kim are the incredible artists that were hand selected to feature in AKMU’s first comeback album in 2 years.

IU | SportsKhan

At the press conference, Suhyun referred to the collaboration artists as “the Avengers,” where Chanhyuk referred to all of them as “heroes of the Korean music industry.”

Suhyun: “All of the artists who participated and featured are on an Avengers level. We’ve been hearing that the fans of the featured artists and AKMU fans have been saying it’s, ‘the best paired up with the best.'”
Chanhyuk: “We lined up all of the heroes of the Korean music industry. While working with the different artists, it was fun envisioning their personal colors while working on the songs.”

| YG Entertainment

Following their high praises for the 7 featured collaboration artists, the duo talked about the recording processes for their comeback album. Chanhyuk, who wrote all of the songs on the album, played a direct part in the recording sessions.

It was here that Suhyun hilariously “complained” about the differences she felt between how she was treated by her brother versus how her brother treated the other artists during their recording sessions.

He has a ‘tough directing’ approach with me. However, when it came to IU and Lee Sunhee sunbaenims, he couldn’t stop saying how much he ‘liked it.’

I would record for 4 nights and 5 days, but IU-sshi would be done quickly. During Lee Sunhee sunbaenim‘s recording session, every time she would finish one verse, he would say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘I respect you.’

— Suhyun

AKMU in “NAKKA” music video | YG Entertainment

AKMU also took the time to thank Crush, who participated in his recording session two days before he enlisted in his mandatory military service.

Fans really enjoyed the combination of us after watching ‘Begin Again Korea.’ We were in the process of preparing for an album so I asked him if he’d participate and he gladly accepted the offer.

So I told Chanhyuk oppa, ‘you have to make a song and have it ready for Crush oppa to record before he goes to his military service.’ It all happened rather quickly and we worked at a fast-pace. He (Crush) worked and recorded two days before he went to serve so we were very grateful.

— Suhyun

With NEXT EPISODE being AKMU’s first comeback album in two years, the anticipation has been remaining high, but it looks like fans won’t have to wait any longer. Be sure to check out their title track “NAKKA” featuring IU down below!

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