“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Hwang Min Hyun’s A Real-life Encounter With Supernatural Beings

“I even heard the sound…”

Singer and actor Hwang Min Hyun recently appeared as a guest on a radio show and shared a fascinating story that many might find hard to believe.

Hwang Min Hyun | @optimushwang/Instagram

Hwang was the guest in the latest episode of MBC FM4U‘s JaeJae’s Two O’clock Date, along with actress Kim So Hyun, his co-star in the upcoming K-Drama My Lovely Liar.

(From left to right) Host JaeJae, Kim So Hyun, and Hwang Min Hyun.

During the interview, host JaeJae asked if it was true that the actor had seen aliens when he was young. Hwang Min Hyun agreed and said it happened at his grandmother’s place when he was around eight years old!

The Alchemy Of Souls star revealed that when he was a kid, he was scared to use the bathroom alone at his grandmother’s house since it was outside. So, he once decided to go in the yard instead, and that’s when he had a sci-fi movie-like experience of seeing aliens.

I went to my grandmother’s house, and the bathroom was a squat toilet. I was too scared to go to the bathroom alone, so I did it in the yard. Then a large green circle suddenly fell above me. I even heard the sound.

—Hwang Min Hyun

The actor continued that when he looked up to figure out what was happening, he got scared by what he saw.

When I looked up, a tremendous light flashed toward me. I was so scared that I quickly ran into my room and covered myself in the blanket.

—Hwang Min Hyun

He concluded by saying that this experience is still etched into his mind so solid that he still believes in aliens. But unfortunately, nobody else believes his story. When Kim So Hyun teased him, saying he might have imagined it because he was too scared, Hwang strongly denied it and insisted that it really happened, drawing laughter from the room.

Source: Xportsnews