AleXa Gives The Best Response After Receiving Hate For Supporting The LGBTQIA+ Community At Concert

She’s a queen!

K-Pop solo artist AleXa received mixed reactions for showing her support for the LGBTQIA+ community, posing with a Pride flag, at her recent concerts.

AleXa | @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

AleXa recently embarked on her first U.S. tour for October.

She boldly showed her support for the LGBTQIA+ community on October 22 in Atlanta, Georgia. In her final speech, she noticed an A.I Trooper (AleXa’s fandom name) with the LGBTQIA+ Pride flag. She excitedly took it from them and paraded it around, saying she always wanted to do this.

Give me that! I have always wanted to do this! Gay rights or no rights. I stand with all of you. I stand with all of you! I always wanted to do that.

— AleXa


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AleXa even posed with the Pride flag for her group photos with the Atlanta crowd. So, she uploaded those pictures on her social media.

Unfortunately, AleXa’s comment section on Instagram soon became filled with hate comments from netizens expressing their shock and disappointment over her showing support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

| @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

Yet, AleXa had previously shown her support for the LGBTQIA+ community on many occasions, including live broadcasts. She has even encouraged a lesbian fan who wanted to confess to their crush.

Everyone is entitled to love who they love so. I feel like I address this every single time and you guys know I’m an advocate for these things so don’t worry about it.

— AleXa


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While AleXa received many hate comments with her recent Atlanta post, more positive comments have been made by true A.I Troopers. More are happy to see AleXa show her support for the LGBTQIA+ community than unhappy.


Additionally, some fans have called out the haters for their homophobia.


Rather than respond directly to the hate comments, AleXa responded by showing even more support at the next concert. Despite the hate, AleXa has not backed down from her stance (as she should). The next day, in Chicago, Illinois, she received a Lesbian Pride flag that read “LESBIANS LOVE ALEXA.” Again, she held the flag up and posed with it.

This is tall as I am. Thank you! Bless you! Appreciate it.

— AleXa

At the same event, she hilariously reacted to another Lesbian sign.

| @vampsiyeon/Twitter

She also held up a Pansexual Pride flag that night! So, the tour is just starting, and she has already proudly held up three Pride flags.

A.I Troopers are so proud of AleXa for remaining stronger than ever after receiving hate for supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, to only show even more support in Chicago!

Yet another reason to stan AleXa!

Source: alexa_zbofficial

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