AleXa Encourages LGBT+ Fan During Live Broadcast

“I’m an advocate for these things so don’t worry about it.”šŸŒˆ

Soloist AleXA hosted a live broadcast to celebrate White Day with her fans. Fans commented their greetings from different geographical locations, and some sent in questions.

Since White Day and the theme of love was on everyone’s mind, some even requested dating advice. One fan asked AleXa if they should confess to their crush. They commented,Ā “Should I tell her I like her?”Ā AleXa encouraged them to just go for it!

Yeah, go for it! Y’all, YOLO it. YOLO it! If you don’t say something, if you don’t do something, how are you ever gonna know? Wouldn’t you rather know than to stay in the unknown all the time?

ā€” AleXa

They then responded to AleXa’s advice with a follow-up question, “Is it fine to date her even though I’m a girl?” AleXa gave the perfect response, telling her that it’s okay to love whoever she wants to.

Of course, it is. Why wouldn’t it be? Of course. Everyone is entitled to love who they love so. I feel like I address this every single time and you guys know I’m an advocate for these things so don’t worry about it.

ā€” AleXa

You can watch a highlight of AleXa’s live broadcast below.


Reason number 2,094,758 why Iā€™m in love with AleXa

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Source: AleXa
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