AleXa Opens Up About The Reason She Moved To Korea To Become A K-Pop Idol — To Help Her Mom Find Her Birth Parents

Her experience there proves she is the kindest person!

AleXa has blown everyone away with her incredible live performances on NBC‘s music competition show American Song Contest, coming out on top as the show’s first ever winner. But one of the reasons she decided to move to Korea to train as a K-Pop idol proves she is also the kindest person!

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The show, hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, gave AleXa the chance to prove just how talented she is. Her performance of her song “Wonderland” was exceptional, showcasing her impressive singing and dancing skills.

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But AleXa is more than just an insanely talented artist. Speaking with St. Louis Post-Dispatch before the finale, AleXa reflected on one of the touching reasons why she decided to move to Seoul to become a K-Pop idol in the first place. Journalist asked her, “You’ve said before that one reason you wanted to move to Korea was to try to find your mother’s birth parents for her. How is that going?”

AleXa revealed that this has been a difficult process. Due to restrictions in Korean law, it is really hard for orphaned children to be able to find their birth parents if the parents weren’t looking for them first.

We did some digging and research about two years ago. Adoption laws in Korea are quite strict. If the birth parents are not in search of their child, the child has no permission to have any information on the birth parents. We unfortunately found out that my mother’s biological mother has not gone searching for her, so we could not get any information provided.

— AleXa

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There was some small luck, however, when her mother did a DNA test and was able to find a couple of her cousins.

However, (my mother) did do one of those DNA tests and she got linked to at least two cousins, one of whom is in Norway.

— AleXa

Ultimately, AleXa chose to train as a K-Pop idol in Korea in the hopes that her mother’s long-lost family would one day see her and that it would help shed some light on the situation.

At the end of the day, the reason I really wanted to pursue being an idol was hoping that one day I become known enough that somewhere (someone will see and think), “Oh, we had a daughter who looked like that.” I’m hoping that some day some light gets shed on the situation, but only time will tell.

— AleXa

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This motivation speaks volumes about AleXa’s true personality, particularly since training to be a K-Pop idol is already extremely difficult. Add to that the stress of such an endeavor and it’s all the more impressive that AleXa has come as amazingly far as she did. She has proven that she is not only talented, but also incredibly kind and dedicated. She more than deserves her win on American Song Contest! We are sure she has made her mom extremely proud. Congratulations to AleXa!

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Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch