The Story Of An American Girl Who Went From K-Pop Fan To K-Pop Idol 

AleXa shared the inspiring story of her debut.

Many international K-Pop fans dream of being in the spotlight. For one American girl, that dream became reality.

In Episode 10 of DIVE Studios‘ How Did I Get Here? series, AleXa shared her fan-to-idol success story with DAY6‘s Jae.

AleXa, born Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman, became a K-Pop fan in 2008, when she was just an ordinary grade school student living in Oklahoma, USA. Who knew that she would debut as a soloist 11 years later?

In her senior year of high school, AleXa posted dance covers on social media, which led to her entering an online contest called “Rising Legends”. AleXa won the dance categories not one, but two years, racking up the highest number of overall votes during the second year.

This gave her the opportunity to come to Korea in 2017 and film a mini-reality series, Legendary: Making of a K-Pop Star, with popular YouTuber JREKML.

Through that mini-series, the CEO of ZB Label got in contact with AleXa and signed a contract with her. This led to AleXa joining the cast of competitors in the reality show Produce 48. 

From there, AleXa began the intense training period that would eventually lead to her debut. In addition to practicing vocals and usual dance styles, she learned afrobeats.

Unlike some idols, AleXa was able to choose her debut concept. Since she likes a “hard hitting” style, she and ZB Label agreed that she would go forward with a “hard concept” more often seen with boy groups than girl groups.

In October 2019, AleXa finally debuted with “BOMB”, and she has been gaining popularity ever since.

Since then, she has gradually built up a fanbase, especially an international one. Whether it is her social media posts, Reddit AMAs, or Instagram updates, she has been consistent with her communication with her fans.

Currently, AleXa is competing on American Song Contest, a show based on Eurovision where each state has a representative artist, and they will compete for the title of Best Original Song. As of publishing, AleXa is currently competing in the finals. During the semi-finals she ranked fifth out of 11 by the judging panel.

AleXa’s success story began with a love for K-Pop and posting dance covers on social media. So, don’t be afraid to share your own talent with the world. Who knows where it could lead?

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