AleXa Revealed Her “Boyfriend” On Camera, Leaving Her Label’s CEO In Shock

The poor man almost cried on camera.

In episode 4 of the KBS show, Welcome to WonderlandAleXa and the CEO of her label, Kim Jun Hong, went to a Buddhist temple. After working and having a meal with the temple monk, all of them proceeded to have a heart-to-heart conversation over tea.

When the monk asked AleXa if she had any romantic partner, she hesitantly asked if she could speak honestly on the topic. Once the crew assured her that the scene would get edited, she confessed that she has been dating someone for a few months. But since her boyfriend is Korean-American, he must return to America soon.

While talking, she teared up quickly and said he had proposed to her for marriage, and she was confused about what she should do. CEO Kim was visibly flustered at this revelation, but like a good sport, he assured AleXa that it is better to talk about this now before words get out and things go beyond control.

AleXa then made a phone call to her boyfriend and asked if CEO Kim would like to meet the guy since he was apparently nearby. Kim Jun Hong agreed though he was still somewhat bewildered. When he asked if the guy would come on camera, AleXa joked, “We will live like HyunA and Dawn.

Finally, when the much-anticipated boyfriend came in sight, it turned out to be a staff member who had joined hands with AleXa to prank CEO Kim! In fact, the entire crew and even the monk were a part of this whole shenanigan.

The prank was an obvious success, with CEO Kim almost on the verge of crying from the shock. He went flying from his seat once he realized all of this was an elaborate joke.

The comments under this prank video praised AleXa for her amazing acting skills and notorious sense of humor. They also praised the easy-going dynamic between the artist and her label’s head.

You can watch the full episode here: