AleXa Shares Her Opinion On The Topic Of “Love”

“I feel like this is a difficult question.”

AleXa was asked a question about the idea of love recently, and she gave her thoughts on it!

AleXa recently sat down with e.L.e. magazine, where she talked about tons of fun stuff!

One of the questions asked to her was about her perception of love!

“everyone Loves everyone” is e.L.e. Magazine’s value and motto. How big is love in AleXa’s opinion, and what shape is it?

AleXa then shared her opinions on what “love” is!

Well, for me, personally, I don’t believe there is a limit to the size of love. I feel like this is a difficult question. But I don’t feel like there is a size, and I don’t think there’s a physical shape. I feel like it’s more of an aura that you feel between two people.

Whether it’s in a platonic or a romantic relationship, there is a kind of warmth and comfort that you feel. And as long as that aura is present, I feel like that’s what love is.


We stan an intelligent queen!

Watch her answer the question on love here from the 2:35 mark onwards!