UK Celebrity Alison Hammond Goes Viral On South Korean Twitter For All The Right Reasons

Time to bring the show back!

For those not yet in the know, Alison Hammond is a British television personality and actress. Although she now stars in many other shows, she was once the star of a morning TV show on ITV Play in 2007. On The Morning Puzzlebook Quiz Show, Alison Hammond took viewers on various fun activities such as cooking, interviews, even trips overseas!

Her clips were compiled by a tickled Korean netizen who came across the show in 2022. They even made sure to add Korean subs to share the joy with everyone. The compilation soon went viral on the South Korean Twitterverse. In just half a day, it racked up around 550,000 views.

Netizens cackled at how she dropped a pan and swore on national television…


…pushed a half-naked marine boy into the river by mistake…

…run from the Italian police…

…and even interviewed a candidate for Tree Of The Year.

Just all in a day’s work for Alison, really!

Korean netizens are loving her!

If morning shows were like this, I’d be up from dawn.

— @yun157_wW

Ah she looks so happy living carefree and a little bit clumsy. I’ll become a cool adult that lives like that too. I can totally go and cause clumsy accidents everywhere already.

— @wolhaw34322

I can totally wake up in the morning for this… That’s totally why I always sleep in. Because we don’t have stuff like this.

— @95kimbunny

The people in the UK are keeping this all to themselves, huh.

— @josamweasley

All hail queen Alison! We love to see it.