Alleged Best Friends Of aespa’s Karina Come To Her Defense And Debunk All Her Scandals

They came with receipts.

Rookie girl group aespa is making headlines before their official debut for the good and the bad. Member Karina or Yoo Jimin has been having trouble with all her controversies circulating online. However, two alleged best friends of Karina have stepped forward with facts to debunk netizens’ claims.

Hello. We are aespa Yoo Jimin’s two best friends. There have been many issues circulating online regarding Yoo Jimin. We figured that her label’s response would be the most reliable. However, after seeing the inaccurate information quickly spread all over the internet, we have decided to step in to post some facts to convey what we know. We will not be emotional but break the facts to you objectively.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

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1. Yoo Jimin in SHINee Taemin’s “WANT” music video

Before her reveal to the public, she quickly gained notoriety for her feature in Taemin‘s music video because of her visuals.

Jimin was still only a trainee at the time and had not yet been revealed to the public. However, after a photo of her had been uploaded onto Facebook, she received a lot of attention from netizens but also a lot of criticism as well.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

This only began the malicious comments towards Yoo Jimin as she continued to receive attention.

If you see in the comments, they say she was just an acquaintance level. Of course if you just read these types of comments, you want to curse and think badly of those who left these comments. However, all of these comments were left by people from the cathedral and school that were not close to us. We realized it was creating a negative image of her so we asked the posters to take them down. Those that posted the original comments apologized and deleted the posts.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

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2. Yoo Jimin’s underage drinking

Underage drinking seems to be a common issue that netizens like to target idols with. Unfortunately, Yoo Jimin was no different and the controversy spread like wildfire. However, her two alleged best friends quickly refuted netizens claims.

We can all agree under oath that Yoo Jimin has never drank underage. However, there have been rumors that she is tagged in photos on Facebook that show her drinking. After we poked around, it’s been revealed that there are no such photos.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

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3. Talking behind sunbaes backs

This may be the most controversial scandal that Yoo Jimin faced as it involved SM Entertainment boy groups EXO and NCT. Fans of the two boy groups did not like what they were seeing and began to criticize the rookie idol. This controversy “began with photos of alleged text messages between Yoo Jimin and her friends started to circulate online. However, all of those photos have been fabricated.”

The evidence that she did not text those messages is that Jimin was participating in a shoot at the time. She would not have been able to text because of the timing. Within the text messages, they talk about her stage name, her label and the time of her shoot to “prove” that it was Jimin who was talking. However, it was during a time when even us, her best friends did not know her stage name.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

They continued on to reveal that they “did not know that she was shooting something with EXO’s Kai. We also did not know that there would be new members added into NCT.”

With all that said, who exactly keeps revealing these texts saying that it’s Yoo Jimin? We believe that the messages were all fabricated with malicious intent by a company official or by someone who obtained the information from a staff.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

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4. Bullying trainees controversy

Last but not least is the bullying scandal. Previously, Karina was accused for allegedly bullying her fellow trainees. However, her best friends poked around the company and “after hearing it firsthand, it’s been shared that Yoo Jimin has close relationships with the trainees at her label.”

Just because something is exposed doesn’t always mean that the photos are real. That is all.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

Yoo Jimin’s alleged best friends ended their post by saying:

We are just normal people. We ask that there be no personal criticisms.

— Yoo Jimin’s Alleged Best Friends

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What do you all think about Karina’s controversies?

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