Alleged Evidence Exposing DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Ties With JMS Leaves Netizens Skeptical About His Explanation

“At this point, he and his family members are a criminal organization.”

Alleged evidence surfaces discrediting Dongyo Entertainment’s statement claiming DKZ‘s Kyoungyoon and his family were unaware of their church’s affiliation with the controversial JMS cult.

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On March 3, Netflix released a documentary titled, In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal. The documentary exposed cult leaders and self-proclaimed prophets in Korea and the atrocities they committed against their followers.

Audiences were shocked by one cult, in particular, due to the perverse exploitation of its followers. The cult, JMS, revolted audiences when the documentary exposed how its leader Jung Myung Seok had sexually assaulted and raped his followers.

Netflix’s “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal” Sparks Outrage And Boycotts

The K-Pop industry was therefore shocked when DKZ member Kyoungyoon and his family were alleged to have been members of the cult. It has since been revealed that the cafe the idol member’s family operated was associated with a local church called Youngduk Ju Mideum (Youngduk Trust In God), one of the churches listed as belonging to the JMS cult.

DKZ’s label Donyo Entertainment quickly released a statement to address the allegations. In a statement, the label claimed that the idol and his family were not aware of the church’s ties to JMS and that they have since promised to sever ties with the church.

As soon as they found out the truth today, Kyoungyoon was also horrified after watching the show, and they ceased operations on the business immediately. At the same time, they have checked up on all the portions related to the specific group [JMS] and have given their word that they will escape from the church and have nothing to do with them moving forward.

— Dongyo Entertainment

Dongyo Entertainment Responds To Claims That DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Family Was Associated With The JMS Cult

Netizens, however, are skeptical of the statement’s claims that Kyoungyoon’s family was not aware of the church’s ties to JMS. In a post that has since gone viral, a netizen provided alleged evidence stating that it would have been difficult for the idol’s family not to be aware of the church’s ties to the cult.

In the post, the author uploads the location of Kyoungyoon’s family cafe and states that the cafe, known to be a meeting spot for JMS members, wasn’t the location of a religious facility before. In fact, the location was previously a Kumdo martial art gym.

The cafe’s location was a Kumdo gym until August 2020. It was changed to a cafe three months later. (Kyoungyoon’s family) didn’t turn a religious facility into a cafe. I checked to see if the location was ever a religious facility before becoming a cafe, and it wasn’t. In other words, this place which I’ve been advised to be wary of due to its association with JMS, is not a location that the cult’s members have always frequented. I’ve been told that this is an important location for the cult where JMS members meet.

— Author

The author then posted a screenshot from a blog frequented by victims of JMS. In the screenshot, a post can be seen that updates the locations of JMS churches. According to the author, a knowledgeable victim of the church advises other victims to be wary of the cafe as it is a place known to be frequented by JMS members.

  • Neighborhoods with JMS churches.
  • I am updating the locations of JMS churches.
  • You say everything will be forgotten in three years?
  • The address of JMS churches, which was featured in In The Name Of God.

The author argues that it didn’t make sense for a cafe that was operated by someone who didn’t have deep ties to the church to be pointed out as a location that victims of the church should avoid.

You have one side who claims they weren’t aware that the leader of the church was a sexual predator and criminal who had served time in prison, and another side (is someone) who is very knowledgeable about the church’s operations and locations who have pointed the (cafe) out as a place to avoid (due to its association with the church).

— Author

The author then uploaded the registration of the property. In the registration, it states that the location of the cafe itself was the property of JMS.

The cafe is registered as belonging to JMS. It is a cafe that was opened on property owned by JMS.

— Author

The author also uploaded a post written by a former member of the church. In the post, the former member writes that business fronts for the church were places where members preached the teachings of the cult and converted new victims.

My personal thoughts on the church’s businesses.

This is my personal opinion. I think the people at these places that need to be criticized and prosecuted are Mr. Jung and the people that preached while being fully aware (of the cult’s nature).

Besides them, the rest are victims, who aren’t aware that they are victims and thus preach and make new victims. I revealed the church’s address, so no one else becomes a victim and in the hope that the people who still attend the church escape the place.

— Former member of the church

The author then claims that Kyoungyoon’s claims that his family wasn’t aware of the JMS weren’t true and that the family had, in fact, helped operate a church belonging to the cult, and that his family enabled the indoctrination of new victims.

(Kyoungyoon) claims he didn’t know who JMS was and that (he and his family) just attended the church, but it turns out that Kyoungyoon’s family helped operate the church… They were actually the pastors who preached and made new victims.

— Author

Netizens expressed shock and disappointment after reading the author’s post. Many stated that they didn’t believe that Kyoungyoon’s family were simple church-goers who weren’t aware of the cult.

  • “He’s just saying that because it’s an issue now. It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t know (his church was associated with) JMS.”
  • “Do you think there are fans who were converted there?”
  • “Do you still think (his family) were just simple cafe owners when the church deliberately opened the cafe for them?”
  • “Rather than believing that the member has left the church, I think it would be quicker to kick him out and block him from contacting the other members.”
  • “I wanted to see what was added, and I am dumbfounded to see the property’s registry. It is seriously shocking, and if he was really sorry, he should leave the group.”
  • “Wow… Most of his fans are probably women, and although their ages may vary, they should mostly be in their teens-20s. The scheming is crazy. I am getting chills.”
  • “That guy needs to leave (the group).”
  • “So that (place) was bought by the church and turned into a cafe for them? That’s crazy.”
  • “At this point, he and his family members are a criminal organization.”

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In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal

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