Dongyo Entertainment Responds To Claims That DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Family Was Associated With The JMS Cult

His family’s cafe was accused of being associated with the cult.

DKZ Kyoungyoon‘s family was recently accused of being associated with the horrendous JMS cult. The Netflix documentary, In The Name Of God, recently revealed the cult’s misdeeds. His family ran a cafe in the Kyungbuk suburbs. The problem was that the cafe was associated with a local church called Youngduk Ju Mideum (Youngduk Trust In God). The church was later listed under a list of churches belonging to the JMS cult.

In an official statement, it was clarified that his parents did not know the church was part of a cult.

Hello. This is Dongyo Entertainment.

We sincerely thank the fans who have always been loving and supporting DKZ. Firstly, we wish to apologize to everyone who has felt discomfort due to the content on community sites today.

DKZ member Kyoungyoon has checked with his family regarding their business, which was mentioned on social media and other web communities. As a result, it was found that until Kyoungyoon had realized through the tip-offs submitted by many people and the broadcast information, he thought his parents were attending just a normal church. He never experienced or realized whatever was broadcast in the show.

As soon as they found out the truth today, Kyoungyoon was also horrified after watching the show, and they ceased operations on the business immediately. At the same time, they have checked up on all the portions related to the specific group [JMS] and have given their word that they will escape from the church and have nothing to do with them moving forward.

He is apologetic that he was unable to be more thorough about things related to himself when he holds a job that receives love from many, and although he cannot make excuses for himself, as he did not have a shred of intention to act in benefit of the specific group or to cover up the truth behind the crimes, and so, we ask you to stop the exaggerated guesses and mentions.

Once more, we apologize to those who felt discomfort through this matter, and we will support him so that he can become an artist who can review the things around him even more carefully.

Thank you.

— Dongyo Entertainment

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Source: theqoo