Netizens Claim These Are Alleged Proof That Mnet Rigged “PRODUCE X 101” And “PRODUCE48”

They claim these moments are too suspicious.

As the investigations on PRODUCE X 101‘s manipulated votes continue on, netizens gathered moments from the previous seasons of the PRODUCE 101 series as alleged proof that Mnet rigged the final outcome and the debuting members.

They first pointed out IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura’s audition for the series. They claimed that her audition performance was subpar.


Even choreographer Bae Yoon Jung initially cringed at her awkward dancing.


But the judges unanimously gave her the vote to enter “A” from the beginning.


The netizens pointed out that Bae Yoon Jung told everyone to “trust her and send her to A“.


They claimed that the judges sent her to A from the beginning because Mnet wanted Miyawaki Sakura in the debuting team and center of the show.

“F*ck anyone can tell that they send an F-grade to A because they wanted to push her as the center”

“I felt extremely backstabbed by Bae Yoon Jung”

“To be blunt, Bae Yoon Jung has a problem with her qualifications. It would have been easier if she accepted a lobbying. If she really thought she deserved an A, how did she grow her career up to this point?”

“The worst part is that Ahn Yujin was f*cking great at vocals and dancing but they sent her to B”

“PRODUCE’s biggest mystery is how Sakura got A;;”

— K-Netizens


Netizens also pointed out a curious fact from PRODUCE X 101‘s final voting besides the similarities between the ranking numbers.


They pointed out that the number of votes from the PRODUCE X 101 contestants exceeded or was nearly the same as the votes from PRODUCE 101 Season 2.


They claim it was strange because PRODUCE 101 Season 2 had more hype and viewership than PRODUCE X 101. The fact that the latter season received similar and even more votes than the former season didn’t make sense in terms of the seasons’ popularities.

Viewership ratings for “PRODUCE 101 Season 2”
Viewership ratings for “PRODUCE X 101”


Netizens are convinced that this is another alleged proof that Mnet has indeed manipulated the final outcomes.

“Wow.. Isn’t it ridiculous that Kim Wooseok got higher votes than Park Jihoon?????? This is 100% manipulation sh*t”

“Of course it’s rigged.. The controversy started because the number of votes were manipulated”

“They created the final numbers themselves so it’s not an exaggeration. It’s just straight up lies.”

“I was so f*cking confused when I saw this. The viewership was basically half, and even if you consider PRODUCE X 101 being a ‘core program’, the viewership is so different. Fans stayed up all night to vote during PRODUCE 101 Season 2.”

“You just have to see everything during the final ranking as a rigged manipulation”

— K-Netizens


The investigation against the PRODUCE 101 series continues as multiple agencies have been under investigation since the manipulation was confirmed by the police.

Source: Nate Pann (1) and (2)