Police Discover Audio File Of “Produce X 101” Staff Discussing Vote Rigging Of Not Just This Season, But Other Seasons Too

More than one season was rigged.

Suspicions have been growing about the possibility of vote-rigging in the final of Produce X 101, and police have discovered new evidence that could support the theory.

On July 31, the cyber investigation team from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency conducted a search and seizure of the CJ E&M headquarters in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul and mobile voting data center to collect evidence on the possibility of vote rigging. They held this raid just 5 days after opening an internal investigation.

According to the exclusive report, after examining the evidence obtained, it was discovered that one of the production team member’s cell phones contained an audio recording that directly mentioned manipulation. In addition to mentioning the manipulation of Produce X 101, manipulation of other seasons was also mentioned. With this evidence, police conducted a second search and seizure on August 12, this time of CJ E&M headquarters and the staff member’s house.

Police are also considering to add a charge of business obstruction to the production team, for them announcing the final rankings differently from what they should be, however they can not elaborate more on that matter at the moment.

Produce X 101 previously commented about the false results, saying that the numbers shown were not the real numbers, but the ranking would not have changed. In response, a politician called out the show, demanding an investigation, and many experts commented on how the numbers shown were nearly impossible to achieve.

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Source: Joongang Ilbo