Mnet Apologizes For Synthesizing The Votes For Produce X 101 But Claims The Ranks Are Still The Same

Check out Mnet’s response.

Mnet has been under controversy after people pointed out strange coincidences with the voting for the final line-up of X1, the group formed by Produce X 101.

Though Mnet has denied these claims, they have come forward to explain that there was an error in the votes shown on live TV.

We sincerely apologize for the controvery over the voting for Produce X 101. Produce X 101 revealed the 11 debut members on live broadcast on the 19th, showing the final number of votes received by each trainee.

After the broadcast, it was recognized that the differences in the number of votes among some trainees were the same.

There are no abnormalities in the final ranks (including the X), but there was an error in the delivery of the final votes announced during the broadcast.

– Production Staff representative

The staff in charge of calculating the votes during the live show verified the ranks through various methods, recording the rankings based on vote counts and calculating based on the percentage of each trainees’ votes. In the process of verifying the ranks, however, the staff had rounded the percentages up by two decimal places, and the vote counts that were converted through the percentages were shown on broadcast.

The production staff promised that this would not happen again in the future, saying,

We apologize again to all National Producers who participated in the voting, as well as to the trainees and stakeholders who sponsored Produce X 101. In the future, we will make sure not to go through the same vote-count process.

Source: Naver